Little Green Steps – What’s it All About?

LittleGreenSteps.orgWe’re a very ordinary UK family – a mum, a dad, two kids, one cat.  And our surname just happens to be Green

Except that’s the problem .. we realised we’re not very “green” at all!

We’re not eco-warriors (until very recently, we weren’t even eco-worriers).  But we’ve come to realise the environment – from the wildlife in our own back garden, to the whole planet – needs regular families like ours to start being more enviro-friendly in the choices we make, and the things we do.

Governments aren’t going to lead on this: if we want to help our planet, more of us need to start making a few “Little Green Steps”

That’s why we’ve started this blog.  It’s a 6 month project, to see how many “Little Green Steps” our family can take.  We want to see what choices can we make to affect how much plastic we use, how much food waste we create, how much we recycle .. that sort of thing.

Lots of little steps, from lots of ordinary people, add up to some really big steps for the planet


Thank you for coming with us on this journey.   Let’s see where it takes us!


The Green Family

December 2018