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Little Green Step – Coat Hangers

Coat hangers may be mostly made of plastic in the UK – but we don’t have to say yes! This is a seriously easy #LittleGreenStep that comes in 2 parts: 1.  If you’re buying clothes and the shop assistant asks if you need your plastic coat hanger, just say no. You’ll be helping the shops

Little Green Step – Ketchup

We’re a regular UK family ~ and that means we get through A LOT of tomato ketchup We reckon we use three 650g bottles of ketchup a month. That’s around 36 plastic bottles a year. If there are 1000 homes near ours using the same amount of ketchup as us, that’s 36,000 plastic ketchup bottles a

Little Green Step – Plastic on Multi-Packs

GreenKid1 and GreenMum did some research in the supermarket to see how easy it is to ditch excess plastic packaging We decided to look at multipacks of tinned food, and do a bit of a comparison: does it cost more to make a Little Green Step and buy individual cans instead? Disappointingly, the answer is

Little Green Step – Milk Bottles

Plastics are one of the worst pollutants currently on our planet We’ve all seen the videos, we all know we need to cut down on plastic use.  And this is one of the easiest Little Green Steps going:  Stop buying milk in plastic cartons.  NOW   We did some sums at Little Green Steps HQ. 

Our First Little Green Step – Tea Bags

Are tea bags really killing the planet?  Well, perhaps not quite … but they can still be a real eco problem Little Green Steps is all about the little things our family are trying to do differently – because lots of little steps soon add up to really big ones.  And the first Little Green