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Little Green Step – Coat Hangers

Coat hangers may be mostly made of plastic in the UK – but we don’t have to say yes! This is a seriously easy #LittleGreenStep that comes in 2 parts: 1.  If you’re buying clothes and the shop assistant asks if you need your plastic coat hanger, just say no. You’ll be helping the shops

Little Green Step – Ketchup

We’re a regular UK family ~ and that means we get through A LOT of tomato ketchup We reckon we use three 650g bottles of ketchup a month. That’s around 36 plastic bottles a year. If there are 1000 homes near ours using the same amount of ketchup as us, that’s 36,000 plastic ketchup bottles a

Our First Little Green Step – Tea Bags

Are tea bags really killing the planet?  Well, perhaps not quite … but they can still be a real eco problem Little Green Steps is all about the little things our family are trying to do differently – because lots of little steps soon add up to really big ones.  And the first Little Green